Terms and conditions of Dhiraagu Roaming Rewards Program:

  • Miles or points can only be earned when roaming abroad and is applicable for voice calls, sending SMS and data services.
  • Voice calls includes all outgoing roaming calls. Roaming airtime is counted in one minute units and is rounded down to the whole minute.
  • Data includes MMS, GPRS and any other data service provided by Dhiraagu.
  • SMS includes all Mobile originated (initiated) SMSs
  • Dhiraagu Roaming Rewards Program is applicable only to Dhiraagu Post-Paid customers
  • In order to earn miles or points it is required to use Dhiraagu Roaming Service, a membership number from any of the associated loyalty program. Registration for Dhiraagu’s Roaming Rewards is also required.
  • The service is also subject to the terms and conditions of the loyalty program under which you have chosen to earn your miles or points.
  • To credit the roaming rewards to the member’s account, it may take up to 30 days from the bill due date to credit your points.
  • Miles or points earned as result of the use of Dhiraagu Roaming Rewards will be credited under the name “Travelling Connect”.
  • You are eligible for roaming points only if the mobile bill is paid by due date, for the month in which roaming service was used.
  • By enrolling you consent that Dhiraagu may send you an email or text message. The content of the email or text message will be related to this service.